October 25th 2021

On June 1st, 2021 at 00:00 GMT +8 we will be replacing mail domains currently listed as follows:

Current Domains to be replaced:

  • 2mailfree.xyz
  • molman.top
  • mailsugo.buzz
  • dummymails.cc
  • man2man.xyz
  • freakmails.club
  • mailboxmaster.info

Reason for Update:

As you all know, instant-email.org offers a disposable email service thus, every mail domains here are temporary. We continuously provide optimum service to users and replacing domains is one of them. Domains are importantly to replace since some websites are blocking our domains making our users get difficulty on getting confirmation emails.

Please save all necessary emails using the download button right when you open your email.

NOTE: This action is quarterly.