Why I am not getting the verification email?

Are you not getting the confirmation or verification email during the sign-up process? This is mainly because the domain you are using is blocked or marked as spam. Why? Because thousands of users are already using the particular domain on websites they want to sign-up on. Mostly, websites will tell you that the domain is not allowed on their system. 

Websites don't allow custom domains to be registered.

Another reason is that some websites don't allow custom domains to be registered on their system. They only allow verified mail servers such as Gmail, YahooMail, and FacebookMail. Other than that simply won't get registered either they will pop a notification that the email address you entered is not allowed or simply the registration won't continue.

Ways to get around with this.

Fortunately, there are two ways to get around with this. One is to use another domain since we have a lot of domains to choose from. Another way is to wait for the domains update. Domains update is when we update the domain list to brand new ones. Rest assured that these new domains are brand new and never blocked.

Note: Unfortunately, websites not allowing custom domains cannot be registered still even using brand new domains.