Password Protect This Email is a temporary email address generator website. In which email addresses are randomly generated each time a user has landed on our website. Or users use customized email addresses. Anyone can generate their own email address and anyone can access it! We have added "Password Protect This Email" For secure access to users and own a specific email address within 30 days.

  • Own the specific email address for 30 DAYS! Yes, by using this feature you will own the email address of your choosing for 30 days and no one can access it but you yourself. 
  • Before you can access it you must enter the password you have choosen the time when you password protected it.

How to use this feature

Easy. When you are done choosing your desired email address. Click on the "Password Protect Email" you will be asked to sign up for sign in. Sign up for new users and sign-in if you already have an accont on our server.

Video Tutorial

  • Sign up or sign in.

  • Confirm your Account. Please check your SPAM folder for the confirmation link!
  • Now go back to your desired email address that you want to protect. Again click the "Password Protect Email" and enter your desired password.

  • Now you have successfully protected the email address.

  • You can see your list of email address that you own and password protected on this list option just above the inbox. See image.

  • Now, if someone landed on one of your password protected you will be asked to enter the password. If you are the owner of the specific email address just enter the password or if not just close the window and generate new password.