How To Avoid Getting Spam Emails On Your Personal Inbox

Getting spams on your mailbox is quite common even before the first age of the internet spams are already there. You can't avoid getting them you know why? When you sign-up on a particular website and used your email address and hit that verify or confirm button you are basically signing up to get your email address to be sold on various institutions. You cannot be exactly sure that the website you have just signed up won't sell or share your email address with other marketers so they can send you unsolicited emails.

Getting Spams Are Very Common But There Are Solutions

Yes, one solution is that don't use your personal email address to sign-up on not-so-trusted websites such as those of are asking for it. Trust me they are just going to bulk send their marketing emails to that email address over and over again. is here to SAVE YOU!

Use instant email addresses on those websites and we are just glad to be of help even though we will be the ones receiving those thousands of spams on our mailboxes. But worry not, this is why is here for. To help you avoid spam in your personal inbox.

First, create a temporary email address

  • Right off the bat when you land on our website you will immediately see a temporary email address assigned to you. But, if you don't like it you are free to modify it and even choose a domain for it.
  • Use this email address to sign-up on the website you have doubts about. 
  • If the website sends a confirmation email or verification email your disposable inbox will receive it.
  • You can even put a password on that particular email address so you can improve its security and no other user can use it.

Now, those spams will never your problem ever again. It's ours! We are receiving thousands of spam every single day from our user's generated temporary email addresses. Marketers hate us!