Frequently Asked Questions

What is is a temporary email service that provides a disposable email address that a user can instantly use. You can easily generate a working email address for your temporary use.

Is it safe to use? is specifically designed to protect the users privacy so instead of using your personal email address to signed up on something. Use our generated email address instead and protect yourself from spam!

What is diposable email / temporary email / or anonymous email address that we generate?

This kind of email address are easily be made in a click of a button. At we give users an instant email address right after they landed on the page.

Why do you need diposable email / temporary email / or anonymous fake email address

You can use this email address to signup on every website you want, sign up on a webinar, sign up on any website that you are not comfortable signing up your personal email address. 

These email addresses that we generated are working real email address. They can receive incoming mails. However, they are for temporary use only.

What is the difference between a normal email address such as Gmail or Yahoo and

At you can instantly generated a REAL WORKING Email address without signing up. Unlike Gmail or Yahoo that you need to signup and needs some verificaiton to get a working email address. Here, we give you the shortcut on singing up on anything like that.

Do we store received emails?

Abosolutely NOT! In respect with our users privacy we do not in any way store emails that our servers received. All kind of email can be easily deleted right after the user click on the delete button and we automatically delete ALL emails 3 days after receiving it on our servers.

Note: In some cases like but not limited to server overload. We automatically, delete all emails on the server without prior notice!

Why my email got automatically deleted?

We automatically deleted your emails because we think its not important or a spam. In some cases we filtered email content because of the abuse on signups. Like mass account creation in facebook, twitter, and other websites.

We also automatically delete follow up emails and update emails. Update emails are emails about news the email address got.

Can I generate a customized address?

YES! Anyone can geneate their own custom email address such as you can easily do that by entering your desired username and domain and hit the ENTER button after.

Mail Domain Update

We update domains on our server that serves emails on a quaterly basis every 3 months! And we do not bring them back again in the future. So please make sure you save necessary data on your temporray email addresses. We notify users 1 month before the changes are going to take effect. By that, you will have plenty of time to do the necessary back up.