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Generate Instant Temporary Email Address

Step 1: Enter your desired username on the username textfield.

Step 2: Choose your desired domain name on the dropdown menu.

Step 3: Done! You have now a working temporary email address at your disposal.

Say goodbye to spams on your personal email. With the best temporary email address generator you can get a free temporary disposable email address that you can use instead of your personal email address. Signing up on a not-so-trusted website? Click that generate button and get a working email address instantly! You want an email address for verification use our instant-email fast! You can literally use it on any website.

You can receive incoming mails using just like a real email address. The only difference is that this kind of email address are disposable, temporary email or throwaway or fake email address if you say so.

How to Use:

Click on the "Generate Random" above to generate new Email Address. Copy the generated email address by simply clicking the "copy email address". The newly generated email address is now ready to use. Incoming mails are delivered automatically no need to refresh, however if you are not satisfied then click on the refresh button. That's it! Pretty easy right?

Generate customized user email address like easily. Simply follow the below instructions

  1. Just type the username you want on the textbox field
  2. Choose the domain on the dropdown domain menu.
  3. Done! Your personalized email address will be generated instantly.

Why use

You can save this URL for future use. All emails are automatically deleted after 3 days from the date it was received. Otherwise, you can manually delete all emails using the delete button you can find above right after opening the email.

Updated Domains

Domains listed on our domain choices are constantly updated after some time. This is because after some heavy use of a particular domain some webmasters blocklist these domains and users unable to received incoming mails. To prevent this from happening to our users we constantly check a particular domain for blocklisting and immediately change them if detected.

We only use premium domains as you can see. Only primary TLDs are being used such as .com .net .org .info. We provide better quality domains and we do not use any secondary TLDs such as .tk and such.